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    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Grove hosts Edison streetcar test
    Tests were started today in Pacific Grove of Thomas Edison’s storage-battery car. Today’s exacting tests were made on the tracks of the Southern Pacific Company.
    Thus far, observers agree that Edison has made great strides toward the perfection of a streetcar that can be run cheaply and without the use of overhead current wires. The car attained a maximum speed of twenty miles an hour, and responded in every way to the tests put upon it. The experimental car is twenty-six feet long and seven feet, six inches wide. It is equipped with two, seven and a half horsepower motors. After being fully charged, the car will operate for 150 miles without being recharged.
    Edison’s car weighs five tons, which is half the weight of the ordinary trolley car.
    The cost of operation is estimated at 1¢ per mile1.

    Gladiator will come to Work theater
    Everyone loves to listen to stories about deeds of daring and skill, and all wish to see such deeds enacted. The more dangerous these deeds are, the more interesting and attractive they become. Thus, hundreds will sit for hours in a close and stuffy building to see two men, trained and toughened for their work, endeavor to pound each other into submission.
    This means that huge crowds are expected to show up at the Work theater, tickets in hand, to see a play based on sharp and deadly gladiator sports based in ancient Rome. If, for a portion of a second, the gladiator’s skill proved futile or his nerve failed, death would result in all but the tiniest fraction of the cases.
    You can see the rest of this story when the curtain falls on “Nero and the Gladiator,” soon to open on stage at the Work theater. Be sure to purchase your ticket well in

    Grove should endorse safe-harbor
    The California Building Trades Council has endorsed a resolution for the construction of a safe-harbor to be located in Monterey Bay. Safe-harbor will prove of extreme advantage to all who dwell within Pacific Grove, and our city trustees should be urged to make a similar resolution endorsement. Dissolution of partnership.
    The partnership heretofore existing between F. J. Wyeth and Joseph Wilks is this day dissolved by mutual agreement. All accounts due the partnership are now payable
    to Mr. Wyeth, who also assumes all the liabilities of the former partnership.
    Signed in Pacific Grove, California.
    Witnessed by Attorneys-at-law Treat and Hudson2.

    Grammar Grabbers tested in Grove
    Children of Pacific Grove were invited to participate in a Grammar Grabbers contest sponsored by the Red, White, and Blue Club. Miss Maude Ross, twelve years of age, came out the winner with a correct answer to the question, “Is the ellipsis allowable?” That answer, according to the reference School Grammar, is: “No, not when the ellipsis obscures meaning, weakens force, or is attended by an impropriety. For example, ‘We speak that we do not know, and testify that we have seen,’ should be (correctly) written, ‘We speak that which we do not know, and testify that which we have seen.’ ”3.

    Notes from around the area…

    • The Lucius Fairchild Woman’s Relief Corps Unit 95 has changed its meeting days.
      In Pacific Grove, that group will meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday afternoons of each month in the downtown meeting hall. Notice posted by Mrs. S. C. Willey, President.
    • The estate of Tiburcio Acedo de Rowero transfers a 20 by 50 lot on Carmel road
      to Mariana Soberantes, a resident of Pacific Grove.
    • Associated Oil Company has signed a fifty-year lease on property south of
      Spence street for the purpose of petroleum exploration.
    • An exhibit of handmade crockery and glassware can be viewed at The Fair.
      Some of the displayed pieces are for sale.
    • Contract for embalming and burial with J. A. Pell and you are entitled to free
      use of the Pell parlor for funerals.

    For sale or rent…

    • Tickets for Nero and the Gladiator are available at the Work theater. $1.50
      orchestra, $1 all others. Standing room, 75¢,
    • The Hotel Holland, Ellis near Powell street, invites you to a relaxing vacation
      in San Francisco. Stay in a fireproof building. Rates, $1 per day. With in-room
      bath, $1.50 per day.
    • The Southern Pacific Company is offering special, round-trip rates to Los
      Angeles where Aviation Week is to be celebrated. A two-week’s stay is
      permitted. Carry your own basket aboard. $47 fare, with stopover privilege.
      Six packages of sewing needles can be purchased for 5¢ in Pacific Grove at The

    1 No evidence has been uncovered indicating that Thomas Edison visited Pacific Grove in 1910. Several of Edison’s companies were governed by others. The “tests” of battery cars seemed more of a promotion than genuine tests.

    2 Was this Attorney Tom Hudson, who earned himself a cenotaph in the traffic island across from the Monterey post office? Research continues.

    3 Contests such as Grammar Grabbers help sway as popular past times during the 18th and 19th centuries.

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