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    The News From 100 years Ago

    “Winning Boat” sails into D’s Theater!
    We rarely know just what our living pictures are about until after we have run them, but we have a new one on hand that we saw just last night. This is some fine comedy that is titled the “Winning Boat”. This story tells how two children grew up together until, getting a little older, the boy wonders if he loves the girl. To find out, he builds a boat which he then enters in a race for a thousand dollar prize. His competitor is a real villain, a black sheep of the first order. Who will come in on top? You will have to see the story for yourself to learn who wins the boat race. Several living pictures co-screening with the “Winning Boat” are also excellent. Miss Winnie Mae Gates will be at the piano<suP1.
    The curtain goes up at 7:30 sharp!
    You can save money and still get outstanding entertainment by paying just 15¢ a seat at D’s. If you attend Nero and the Gladiator at the Work Theater, you will pay $1.50 for a seat.

    Across-the-Nation trip feted in Grove
    Several Pacific Grove auto mobilers got together this past Saturday for a road trip to Pebble Beach by way of the 17 Mile Drive. Six auto mobiles made the trip, taking
    with them baskets of picnic supplies2.
    Their purpose was to celebrate the 1908 journey made from one side of the United States to the other side. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Murdock took honors as the first
    people ever to do it. They drove a Packard. The couple left Los Angeles and finished the journey in New York City one month later3.

    Aviation meet coming
    Monsieur Louis Paullian, the daring French aviator, has been secured to give exhibitions of his fearless skill in navigating the air. The day-long show will take place in San Francisco and special round-trip tickets will be sold by the Southern Pacific railroad company at a discounted rate. A car load of patrons will depart from Pacific Grove or Monterey and be transported directly to the windy city. A street trolley provides transport to Tanforan Park. Fair-like activities will be available between stunts performed in the bi-winged areoplane.

    Sprague has apples
    Mr. N. R. Sprague, who has returned from his ranch near Watsonville and resumed residence in the Grove, had the honor of shipping from his ranch a carload of the finest apples available in California. All but a few boxes were sent to Chicago and put up at auction. The average sale totaled out at $2.90 per box. The apples have been pronounced by experts to be the finest fruit picked last season. Mr. Sprague has agreed to make a few sacks available to neighbors in the Grove at no cost.
    Supply is quite limited.

    Hunting trip ends minus results
    Mr. Bert Ingalls has been away from the grove for the past two weeks. He stated that the purpose of his absence was to enjoy hunting. However, all he got for his pains, he reports, was the pleasure of drinking the Folger’s Golden Gate Coffee which he took him4

    Notes from around the area…

    • Johnston Bros. & Campbell’s has a new recipe for sauerkraut that was developed
      in Germany for the Kaiser. Stop by and try a sample.
    • Mrs. Maud Longley has been elected President of the Grove’s Red, White, and
      Blue Club. On May 3, the ladies will be meeting at the home of Mrs. H. Birks,
      corner of Hawthorne and Irving streets.
    • Abandon your wood stove. Let us show you a modern gas stove at the Wright’s
      hardware store.
    • Can you keep a secret? Floyd Gill of Pacific Grove and Emma Ward of
      Monterey were spotted together in Salinas. The purpose of the couple’s journey
      was to obtain a marriage license from the county clerk. Joy to them both!
      For sale or rent…
    • M. W. Hoffman and L. K. Miller are selling small bags of bay leaves at the
      Grove Bakery. 23¢ each.
    • Closing out sale of men’s furnishings at Bertold’s. Wading boots as low as
    • Sweets on sale at Toft’s Candy Store in Pacific Grove. 75¢ for a large box of

    1 In 1910, movies were still silent. The first commercial “talkie”, The Jazz Singer, was released in the United States during the month of October 1927.

    2 The word automobile had not yet developed into a single word. Gas-driven cars were thus referred to as auto mobiles.

    3 The cross-country trip was made by Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Murdock in 32 days. Their return trip followed a leisurely, circuitous route.

    4 Before 1850, coffee was available only as a green bean to be roasted and ground at home. James Folger put an end to that by introducing Folger’s Coffee, preroasted, pre-ground, and sealed in a can. The most expensive blend of Folger’s was introduced after 1889. Widely touted, this exclusive brand was labeled with

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