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    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Milk and sugar on your peanut shells?
    The Pure Food company, maker of breakfast cereals, is accused of cheating. While cleaning up after a train wreck, Federation of Workers laborers discovered several
    box cars filled with shredded peanut shells addressed to Pure Food. According to spokesperson John Fitzpatrick, it is alleged that the peanut shells, chopped, are being substituted for grain1

    Chamber of Commerce meets
    The Chamber of Commerce met last Wednesday, accomplishing the following

    Mr. F. Christianson was admitted to membership.
    A letter from Mrs. Harriet Roderick was read. The letter expressed her thanks to the board for the honor extended to her late husband at the time of his funeral.
    The secretary was instructed to determine the cost of advertising in the West Coast magazine, which plans a feature article on Monterey and Pacific Grove.
    Arrangements were made for delegates to attend the state meeting in Sacramento.
    Travel arrangements are being made with Southern Pacific.

    The Chamber will become more active in advocating the “Gospel of Good Roads”. Throughout the county, roads are bad, but they are terrible between Salinas and King City. The Salinas to Monterey road also needs considerable work.

    New laundry uses steam
    The Pacific Clothing Renovatory has opened for business. Located at the foot of Alvarado street where it can best serve customers from both Pacific Grove and Monterey, owner A. C. Dague promises the very best clothing care possible … using heated H2O. Dague says: “Clothing is never immersed in soap and water, but gets gently cleaned by exposure to steam.” Your dirty clothes will be called for and delivered back to you as good as new. The Renovatory may be telephoned by asking for Main 2982.

    Bank of E. Cooke Smith doing business
    What is your future? The wisest prophet cannot say whether tomorrow’s sun will find you in affluence or poverty… unless you have guarded yourself by putting some of your earnings in a safe place. And that is exactly what is offered by the Bank of E. Cooke Smith, capitalized at $50,000, offering all banking services. We especially recommend our savings department to you. Your money will earn 4%, compounded semi-annually. You also may rent a safe-deposit box for the low, low fee of $2.50 per year.
    Secure a bright future. Give us a call at Red 2323.

    D’s theater offers first-rate flickers!
    Don’t forget! Tonight’s flickers will stir your imagination. Accompanying travelettes are said to have been filmed on location (no sets!) in as realistic a manner as possible by Biograph. Miss Carrie Campbell will be at the piano. All seats are 25¢. First showing begins at 7, the second showing at 8:304

    Notes from around the area…

    • The California Oil World magazine predicts that 1911 will see a daily
      production of 142,000 barrels, up 10,000 barrels from 1910.
    • Found: a pretty chain with charm. Owner may reclaim by describing and paying
      the 50¢ this ad cost. Call at J. D. Veal’s Barber Shop.
    • Wanted: a good, lively man who resides in the Grove to handle sales for
      Invisible Castor Products. Contact Western Supply and Specialty Co, 509 West
      Bank Building, San Francisco5
    • M. Kinser & Company must reduce its stock and is selling quality shoes at
      reduced prices. Come in and browse our bargains.

    Cost of living…

    • Dry pine for your fireplace or stove. $6 per cord. Oak, $8 per cord. Monterey
      and Pacific Grove Wood Company. We will haul your purchase.
      Bran for your health. $1 per sack from Bill Williams. Place order at Review
    • T. A. Work Theater, noted for high-class shows, is featuring Evelyn Wilson
      and Georgia Jones, lady wrestlers, to complement our Friday flickers. F. J.
      Chapman, manager. Admission is 10¢. 20¢ for seating in front ten rows.
      Corn flour from the Port Costa mill, $1.75 for a fifty pound bag. Our flour is
      best for building strong bodies.
    • Cheap Rent. Five room house on Spruce. Bath. Wood only, no gas. $12 per
      month. Monterey County Real Estate Exchange.
    • Rent a pasture for your horse. $1.50 per month. See W. T. Mitchell.

    1 Without proper government supervision, the food industry frequented such scams on the public. Research revealed no information relating to nutritional values for peanut husks. Baby Ruth and O Henry candy bars, utilizing peanuts, did not come along until 1920, ten years in the future.

    2 In truth, steam cleaning is for rugs, vapor cleaning for clothes. 95% of the water content is removed from vapor which is applied at temperatures lower than steam.

    3 Telephones, invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, were relatively new. Networks were not possible until the development of the switchboard by Trivadar Puskas, a Hungarian inventor. Originally, no more than 50 telephones could be inter-connected through each switchboard. The switchboard would be identified by the word preceding the telephone number, as in Main, Red, Crop, Center, etc.

    4 The price-war tussle between the Work Theater and D’s Theater continues. Compare the D’s ad for living pictures (flickers) with the Work ad, presented above in the Cost of Living section. Notice, too, the unusual addition to Work’s program.

    5 Castors were condiment containers (as cruets, mustard pot, salt and pepper and spice shakers, cream pitchers, etc.) for table use. These were evidently termed “invisible” because they were formed of clear glass

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