• High Hats & Parasols, May 7th, 2010

    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Church closes to entertainments
    The Methodist church, which has a larger seating capacity than any other building on the entire peninsula, has hitherto supplied the needs of Pacific Grove as to space for lectures and entertainments. No more. The time has come, says the directorship, to put an end to such extraneous activities. Only events that will provide direct benefit to the church will be permitted.
    Of exception, activities of the Pacific Grove Chautauqua Assembly and the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.
    A convention hall must be built for Pacific Grove. Active steps are being taken to secure capital for the erection of such a building. It is rumored that a financial backer or two have already been found.

    “Babes in Toyland” coming to Work!
    Coming west following a six-month stint in Chicago, “Babes in Toyland” intends to perform one night only in route from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Critics have said of this show that its cast of fifty-two is incomparable. For costumes, scenic effects, and the best singing chorus in America, “Babes in Toyland” simply cannot be beat. It is musically charming, pictorially pleasing, and femininely sightly. It’s called the best by test of all the rest. “Babes in Toyland” is a musical extravaganza without a vulgarism.
    Tickets can be purchased now at Toft’s Candy Store for $1.50 orchestra, $1 house, or 75¢ standing room.

    Need tires? Try steel!
    The Steel Tire Company of Los Angeles is offering a limited number of its new products for use and testing on auto mobiles. The first steel tires put on the roads have lasted 16 months, thus far.
    A limited number of shares of treasury stock in the firm are also being offered.

    Women graduate as nurses
    Mrs. M. Holmshaw and Miss M. F. Adams have fulfilled all the requirements to become nurses. The young women were attending medical school in San Jose. The new nurses had decided on moving to Pacific Grove after graduation. They are now located at 231 Lobos avenue, Pacific Grove, where they are prepared to receive resident cases. The best of home care and a delicious, generous board are guaranteed.

    Notes from around the area…

    • The Salinas Steam Laundry will now call for and deliver soiled clothing
      between anywhere in Pacific Grove and our new store at 409 Alvarado street in
      Monterey. Telephone Main 228.
    • Hotel del Mar offers your choice of American or European plans. We’re first
      class in every respect and we offer free carriage service around town. Mr. and
      Mrs. F. D. Blackburn, proprietors.
    • Mr. J. W. Proctor has received permission to construct a handsome “boulder”
      retaining wall along the Cypress avenue side of his residence property.
    • Culp Bros sells clocks cheap, but eschews selling cheap clocks!

    For sale or rent…

    • The purchasers of lots from the Pacific Improvement Company will be furnished
      free rock and sand for building purposes. Cart your own or hire our haulers to
      cart for you. Call on J. P. Pryor, general agent.
    • Johnston Bros & Campbell has made up a quantity of fresh mincemeat.
      Delicious in pies or puddings. 35¢ a can. Free sample.
    • Toft’s Candy Store has prepared a bounty of Heats. Delicious and peppery,
      guaranteed to make your mouth catch fire. 75¢ for a five-pound bag.
    • Want to purchase property, but you live elsewhere? C. S. Harris will manage
      your property for you and charge only 8% of transactions conducted. Harris also
      loans money. 292 Lighthouse avenue in the Grove.

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