• High Hats & Parasols, 8/26/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Boat to launch
    Manager Foster of the Pacific Improvement Company has announced that his company will celebrate the finished construction of a new boat.  The celebration and launching will take place Thursday afternoon near the point of the lover at the time of high tide. The president of the company will be on hand to syllogize and praise P.I.C.’s progress. Company employees will attend and the public from the Grove-Monterey area are invited. Several speeches, additional to the discourse by the company president, will be offered. Group games will be enjoyed. The name of the newly-finished watercraft is be revealed at the launching.

    Salinas man brags of “Big” week
    Forget your Chautauqua and Feast of Lanterns and whatnot. Of these, Pacific Grove should be rightfully proud. There is one man from Salinas, however, who is really proud of the big week in Salinas, which focuses on cows, cowhands, animals, and adjunct events, as things in Salinas should. The editor of the Review encourages you to attend.  Grab a bull and ride on over. Perhaps, then, visitors from Salinas will wend their ways here for our plethora of less violent, more esoteric events

    Through the Santa Clara Valley
    Mr. J. K. Paul, one of the Grove’s trustees, took a train to Watsonville then drove in a borrowed auto mobile to Morgan Hill where Paul stayed the night.  The next day he rose bright and early to begin touring the width and breadth of the Santa Clara valley where he is considering investing in new railroads.  Paul’s only comment concerned how hot the weather was. Paul misses the climate of the Grove and plans to hurry home.

    Trustees meet
    The board of trustees met this week as scheduled. The principal discussion focused on the direction that should be taken to ensure a prosperous 1914. 1 There is some concern over easy credit and high interest rates. None, however, wish a return to the hard times and piquiuny interest-rates of the 1880s. Money problems at the Pacific Grove high school also entered the discussion, but no action was taken on either matter.

    Speaking (loudly) of Chautauqua
    It was ten years ago, more or less, that my wife and I first attended Chautauqua assembly. The Chautauqua was then a relatively new event. Only one well existed from which to draw drinking water. Food was sparse and high-priced. There was a bounty of nothing save fog. There were only a few tiny cottages for rent and even fewer plots on which to pitch a tent. Still they came, including the two of us, from Monterey, Watsonville, San Jose, and far beyond. A professor Anderson gave a rousing speech one year and said we should all learn to love each other and the Chautauqua. The audience roared its approval. They may prefer roping calves in Salinas, but to my way of thinking you can’t beat a good, old Chautauqua.

    Notes from here and there…

    • Mister Jacob L. Neighborly, with wife and son are visiting here from Centerville, staying with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Neighborly of the Grove.
    • The Pacific Improvement Company is offering a special fire inspection with low estimates for any and all work needed.
    • Floyd Taylor and Eaton Stevens drove down from Woodland to play a little golf.

    And the cost is…

    • Wall paper is guaranteed to improve your home’s interior appearance when purchased from A. A. Phillips at 174 Forest. $1.25 per rol, embossed.
    • Fresh strawberries from Curnow & Curnow, grocers, where prices are always rock bottom.  $1.00 per flat, cleaned.
    • Beautiful patterns are on hand for spring and winter suits.  Hand wrought by A. A. Pullman, tailor.  From $24 to $50 with vest.
    • The Hotel Benefit of the pacific is the place for your next holiday. Entertainments during weekends.  $2.50 and up per night.  Come by and inspect the house.

    Notes by the author…
    1. Early signs of depression were being seen, but for that moment these were indeed boom times.

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