• Homicide/Attempted Homicide in Sand City

    On 03/15/15, approximately 35 minutes after midnight, a shooting occurred on Highway One within Sand City’s jurisdiction. Victim #1 was shot multiple times and is expected to recover. Victim #2 was killed by gunfire. Victim #2 was identified as Khaleel JOHNSON (19 years old) of Seaside.

    Investigators from the Peninsula Regional Violence and Narcotics Team will be assisting the Sand City Police Department with this investigation

    This shooting is believed to be gang related.

    The investigation is ongoing and the Peninsula Regional Violence and Narcotics Team encourage citizens to continue to report suspicious activity by calling one of the following numbers:

    Anonymous Tip Line- (831) 646-3840

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 16, 2015

    Topics: Front PG News, Police Log


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