• Horrific Find of Neglected Animals in Moss Landing

    On Monday, July 27, The SPCA for Monterey County rescued 105 severely emaciated animals from a property in Moss Landing. Sadly, five more were found deceased.

    After an anonymous tip came on Monday about dead and dying animals at a property off Dolan Road in Moss Landing, SPCA Humane Officers discovered a horrific scene of animals who had not had access to food or water in quite some time.

    The SPCA rescued 34 four to eight week old calves, 4 cows, 35 goats, 3 sheep, 3 hens, 2 ducks, 5 young piglets, 15 dogs, and 4 kittens. One severely emaciated and critically anemic border collie mix dog was found near death and rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic for immediate care where it received multiple lifesaving procedures including an immediate blood transfusion. The livestock animals were assessed on scene by Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic, and the six most critically ill are receiving bottle feeding, intensive care, antibiotics, and vitamin B injections at the SPCA.

    The animals were found on a quarter acre lot with a house and numerous outbuildings. Some of the animals were being kept on adjacent PG&E property. The cluttered, manure-filled property had piecemeal pens tied together with wire or twine. There were multiple buckets of spoiled milk in full sun covered in flies. The piglets had no shelter from the sun and no water. The goats ran up to the front of their pens, crying in hunger, and aggressively trying to get to feed. Two of the dogs were discovered in crates locked in a car, and two more dogs were found in crates in the bed of a pickup truck concealed by the shell of the truck in direct sun with insufficient ventilation. Three adult sheepdogs that should weigh 100-110 lbs each, currently weigh just 50-55 lbs.

    Monterey County Code Enforcement will be following up regarding additional violations including but not limited to the deceased animals on the property.

    Multiple criminal charges for animal neglect and abuse will be submitted to the Monterey County Office of the District Attorney. The owner could be charged with the following offenses: California Penal Code Sections 597.1 (Permitting Animals to Go Without Care), Penal Code 597(a) (Animal Cruelty), and Penal Code 597(b) (Deprivation of Food, Water, and Shelter) Health and Safety Code 122335(b) (illegal tethering).

    To donate to help, please visit www.SPCAmc.org/donate. To report animal cruelty and neglect, please contact us at 831-373-2631 or report online at www.SPCAmc.org. All calls are confidential.

    The SPCA for Monterey County is your nonprofit, independent, donor-supported humane society that has been serving the animals and people of Monterey County since 1905. The SPCA is not a chapter of any other agency and does not have a parent organization.  They shelter homeless, neglected and abused pets and livestock, and provide humane education and countless other services to the community. They are the local agency you call to investigate animal cruelty, rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife, and aid domestic animals in distress. Online at www.SPCAmc.org.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 30, 2015

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