• I Come From Facebook

    by Lindsey Morin

    Where I come from, anger is shown via caps lock,
    Conversations terminated by colons and parenthesis,
    Followed by infinite less than threes, LOLs and OMG and integrated into the overrated,
    That that should be terminated
    A site with which us teenagers lovingly call Facebook.

    It’s on our computers, on our phones, on our hands and on our minds
    And it binds and grinds and we forgot what we left behind,
    Our world of secret handshakes and kickball, a where it’s okay to call,
    Instead of LAWL on my wall

    We write what’s on our minds till we bleed,
    What we want, what we need,
    It all goes up on the live news feed for the whole Facebook world to see,
    And we poke and we poke treating pokes like coke,
    Addicted to the satisfaction like the words we once spoke,
    Updating and liking since the second we woke

    So why not sign up and try it it’s free,
    Then you can IM or message me,
    But neither you nor me,
    We couldn’t foresee the social networking social problem that has been decreed,
    But now I’ve got to GTG,
    So copy and repost if you agree.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 11, 2011

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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