• IMSA motor opera: Aston-Martin sings her song

    By Webster Slate

    This weekend, Sept. 19-23, the hills that surround Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca will be alive with the sound of music, provided by the English baritone of Aston Martin’s glorious 6.0 litre V12; the elegant Italian “dramatic soprano” of Scuderia Corse’s Ferrari 5.3 litre V-8, in unison with the “Coloratura Mezzo-Soprano” of the 5.2 litre V-10 Lamborghini, Hurac’an- GT-3. Nothing is more ominous than a German opera, right? So Wagner will be there too, with the Mercedes-AMG, GT3, M-159, 6.2 litre V-8; roaring its “Basso profundo.” It just gets more musical and fun when the Mazda Motorsports prototype RT24-P with its MT-2.0T, 2.0L Turbo 14, adds its own unrepentant and terrifying scream, as it goes by at full song at 180 miles an hour up along the Rahal straight; toward the most famous turn in the world: the Corkscrew.

    The best is yet to come. The most beautiful musical diva in our times will make her voice heard to the discerning ears of the Motor Opera a cionados at Laguna Seca, the greatest of all tenors. The one whose voice will elegantly waft above all others in a realm of beauty that can only be described by a hack like me as, divine: Her Motor Royal Highness, the motorcar Queen of England, Double OhSeven herself;HerMajestyAston Martin Vantage and her 6.0 litre V-12 dominion.

    Her Majesty won the 24 Heures de LeMans a few short weeks ago. All she brought there was a V-8 voice exercise. A warm up. Do re me fa so latido,doremefasolatido,indeed. My Queen is through practicing and will be there with her bespoke full throated, joyously glorious V-12, song, to sing. Amen.

    My Queen: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is yours. The mighty SCRAMP is there for you, to honor you. The paddock is yours. You will fight. You will fight them on the straights. You will ght them on the hills. You will ght them through the Corkscrew. You will win on Rainey Curve. You are my Queen of England, and you will prevail. Compared to you the rest of the eld are arriviste, or newly-arrived. Porsche, Mercedes, and beware the Lamborghini; they will be there to win. I will listen closely to the Motor Opera that is your song of victory.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 17, 2017

    Topics: The Gray Eminence


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