• It’s time to stay out after dark

    OK, it seemed like a pretty flimsy way to go about it, but we were convinced it was legal and so were five of the seven members of the Pacific Grove City Council who passed an emergency ordinance to allow the dining purveyor at the Pt. Pinos Grill to remain open after “nautical twilight.”
    To echo the sentiments of many at the meeting, if not most people in town, “It’s time.”
    There’s only one way to find out if people who eat dinner at the golf course after dark are going to tromp on your daisies, throw up in your yard, urinate on your tires, drive their cars into the Lighthouse and generally thrash around in the cemetery, as the detractors repeatedly allege, and that’s to try it out on a temporary basis. Empirical data. A grand experiment. I’m all for proving that people can behave themselves, having been raised near the golf course at Almaden Country Club.
    I look forward to sitting on the deck at Pt. Pinos Grill and watching the night fall and the lights come up, holding a cup of tea after one of Dory Ford’s excellent meals.
    The Pacific Improvement Company deeded that property over to the City for the good of all the citizens, not just a few. As Chamber President Moe Ammar said, “Don’t be intimidated. It belongs to all of us, not just those who bought or inherited property on the golf course.”
    Oh, and let’s not have students with flashlights escorting people to and from their cars. Let’s have some real, ADA-approved lights, even if they’re temporary and solar-powered and have to be taken in each night to keep people from stealing them, the way they did the flowers in the butterfly sanctuary. But that’s another subject for another editorial.
    – Marge Ann Jameson

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 30, 2011

    Topics: Opinion, Snarkin' With Marge


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