• It’s Cuneo, Huitt

    No coin flipping this time, but it took five roll call votes for the sitting councilmembers to finally seat Ken Cuneo and Robert Huitt to fill the vacancies left when Vicki Stilwell resigned and Carmelita Garcia was appointed mayor to fill Dan Cort’s position. And no wonder — there were 15 very qualified candidates, any one of whom would be an asset to the city.
    It took three rounds of nominations and votes to appoint Cuneo, and when the council appeared (on the fourth vote) unable to garner the four votes necessary to fill the vacancy left, they swore Cuneo in and added his vote. He promptly nominated two additional candidates — Dan Miller and Richard Ahart, both of whom ran unsuccessfully in the November, 2008 election with Cuneo — but when it came down to the vote, Cuneo went for Robert Huitt, as did the rest of the council.
    Huitt previously served on the council for eight years but was ‘term-limited’ out seven years ago.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 1, 2009

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