• It’s Mayor Bill Peake (Updated 11/7/18 at 6:50 AM)

    Pacific Grove will see a familiar face on the dais, but in the mayor’s seat, as Bill Peake pulled ahead of Rudy Fischer, cornering 42.4% of the vote compared to 33.09% for Fisher,

    Dionne Ybarra coming in third at 24.43% of the vote.

    While figures are not final and will not be for a while, count on Amy Tomlinson (18.79%), Jenny McAdams (18.39 %) and Joe Amelio (15,275.
    Pacific Grove voters voted 58.61% to put Measure M, a limitation on Short Term Rentals, into effect. Perhaps to compensate, voters went 3 for 1 on raising the Transient Occupancy Tax from 10 percent to 12 percent.
    Measure J called for a study to see if public ownershp of the water system were feasible. The margin was 58.81% to 41.19%
    Updates will follow in our print version in upcoming weeks.
    Christy Dawson and John Paff retain their seats on the Pacific Grove Unified School District board, and newcomer Jon Walton fills the remaining seat.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 6, 2018

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