• Jordon Pollacci Arrested for Taking Pictures Up a Woman’s Dress

    Jordan Pollacci

    Jordan Pollacci

    Jordan Pollacci, 24, already on parole for a conviction involving home burglaries in Pacific Grove, was arrested June 26 when deputies investigated an incident at 17 Mile Drive at Bird Rock Road, Pebble Beach. A family had been standing and enjoying the views at the popular turnout when a man was spotted squatting down and reaching forward with a camera phone in his hand. The man was behind a woman taking pictures up her dress without her knowledge.

    The woman’s husband confronted the man, took his picture with his own phone and noted the license plate before the man fled in a 2006 Red Dodge Dakota pickup truck, license plate #8E83142.

    Investigation led to the arrest of Jordan Pollacci. He was booked into county jail for the misdemeanor evasion of privacy and felony probation violation.  He listed his employment as a waiter.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 30, 2014

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