• ‘Jury Duty’ Scam Alert from Pacific Grove Police

    Two female residents of Pacific Grove received phone calls on the morning of May 1 from a man who identified himself as a law enforcement official. The suspect told the women there were warrants for their arrest for not appearing on a jury summons. The suspect had their names, addresses and phone numbers. They were instructed to obtain money orders to clear the warrant.

    Neither woman remembered ever receiving a jury summons. Both victims, believing this was suspicious, notified the Pacific Grove Police Department before sending any money.

    The case is currently under investigation.

    Pacific Grove Police advise: Never provide personal information over the telephone or Internet to an unverified person If you receive a notification of a matter involving the transfer or payment of funds from a financial institution or individual, always verify using the contact information you know to be accurate, not phone numbers of email addresses provided by the contacting party. If in doubt, contact law enforcement authorities before taking any action.



    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 2, 2014

    Topics: Front PG News, Police Log


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