• Kali the Wonder Dog

    When a mischievous seven year-old Siberian husky named Kali digs up your back yard and ruins brand new bark foundation you’d think you would be upset, right? This would be the case for most dogs that have just ruined their owner’s new back yard – but not if the dog was digging to save their owners from a gas leak.

    Kali and Andy

    It all started on Saturday night when Kali dug up Andy Miller, Suzie Blodgett and Midge Blodgett’s brand new bark foundation. “She had done this before” says Suzie. “She did it the day before and earlier the same day. She just knew that something was up.”
    Even after having been scolded Kali was determined to find the problem, though she knew she would probably face another time out. “It was amazing! She just kept going to the same spot and dug another hole and finally Andy went down to inspect what she had dug up.”
    Says Andy, “When I got close I could hear the hissing sound and I knew right then Kali had found something.” Andy told both Suzie and Midge to come out and look at what Kali had found. “I immediately called PG&E” says Suzie. “It still amazes me that Kali could hear and actually find the gas leak.”
    PG&E arrived within the hour and after evacuating residence and fixed the leak inside of an hour. Suzie Blodgett couldn’t be more thankful for PG&E’s services. She said, “PG&E has an excellent hotline for leaks and hazardous substances and even though it was seven in the evening on a Saturday they responded to our call and arrived within the hour. All was well and at the end of the night we were calling Kali ‘the wonder dog.’ ”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 29, 2011

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