• Latest vote update: No surprises here

    Numbers may have changed, but results have not. As the “Semi-Final Official Report 8” is published at 3:56 p.m. On June 13, we see 10 percent more voters – 35.01 percent as opposed to 26.55 percent in the report of the early morning hours of June 8. But it didn’t change outcomes.

    In first reports, the county as a whole voted at 56.51 percent for Hillary Clinton for Democratic Party Presidential candidate, as compared to 42.55 percent for Bernie Sanders and the balance for other candidates. The June 13 reports shows a slight change with 43.04 percent voting for Bernie Sanders and 56.04 for Hillary Clinton.

    The U.S, Senate results still show top two vote-getters Kamala Harris (25,596) ahead of Loretta Sanchez (7,501). In the race fir U.S, representative for District 20, Casey Lucius (14,656 votes) will face Jimmy Panetta (40,670) in November, as predicted after the vote count on June 8.

    At 8:23 a.m. on Wednesday, June 8, the update posted by Monterey County Elections. County Supervisor District 5 count showed Mary Adams with 9,734 votes or 56.35 percent to Dave Potter’s 7,541 votes at 43.65 percent. On June 13, Adams still wins the election at 12,425 votes to Potter’s 9,816.

    Dennis Donohue may now concede to incumbent Jane Parker in District 4. The total as of last count was 5,428 for Parker or 57.38 percent, and in the latest count she has 7,071 votes or 55.77 percent. Donohue was originally reported at 3,416 votes or 36.11 percent, and now is reported at 4,790 votes or 37.78 percent. Alex Miller added 202 to his 616 votes for 818 total. His percentage has dropped from 6.51 percent to 6.45 percent.

    Bill Monning and Mark Stone, both incumbents, remain in their seats. Proposition 50 passes at 77.49 percent.

    There will be another update on June 21.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 13, 2016

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