• Let’s Make a Book Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Workshops

    A new local non-profit initiative aims at seeing children exercise creativity in a fun and engaging extra-curricular learning environment.

    Let's Make a Book fan in Carmel

    Let’s Make a Book fan in Carmel

    Let’s Make a Book (LMB) is currently running a crowd-funding campaign through Kickstarter in order to help organization get on its feet and to be able to run free activities for the Monterey Bay community.

    Founder, John Ehab, started the program in the summer of 2008, in Cairo, Egypt. A variety of workshops were run in both English and Arabic among various social classes, earning LMB a reputation for inspiring young participants to think creatively. LMB was working with an initiative to better one hundred schools and was developing programs in German and French when activities were halted due to the Arab Spring in 2011.

    Now based in Pacific Grove, Ehab has noticed a real need for this sort of curriculum among American youth. “In Egypt, the program was useful because there are a lack of extra curricular programs and free-thinking is not a cultural value,” he explains, “I expected things to be different in the US, but here I see that all the young people are glued to their smart phones and tablets – they also need to be inspired to see that there are other more productive and fun things they can do with their time.”

    Over the summer Let’s Make a Book worked alongside the Monterey Country Free Libraries to host a number of short comic-strip workshops around the county. The association wrote a recommendation letter stating, “the results (of the workshops) were impressive…funny, silly and sometimes sophisticated…” MCFL also mentioned that there was a positive turnout and more teens signed up for the summer reading than the previous year.

    So far, Let’s Make a Book has raised more than 30% of its $11,300 goal, but it needs to raise the rest by Friday, September 26 in order to receive the funds, since Kickstarter operates on an all or nothing basis. The organization plans to use the money to establish itself as a non-profit in the area, with the hopes of expanding the program to other parts of the US as well as reviving its work in Egypt. If you would like to give please visit https://www.kickstarter.com or email johnehab@letsmakeabook.org. Any size donation is an encouragement and can help to bolster the campaign by increasing the support base.

    For more information, contact Noelle Ehab of Let’s Make a Book at 831-204-3262 or 303-818-2480 or email: Noelle@letsmakeabook.org

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 31, 2014

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