• Letter to the Editor: Measure G Makes Sense Financially, and for Education

    Dear Editor:

    Measure G will allow the students of Pacific Grove’s public schools to keep pace with changing 21st century educational technology while at the same time saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced borrowing costs.

    Numerous independent and diverse organizations have analyzed Measure G and all have come to the same conclusion: Measure G makes sense for both Pacific Grove’s students and its taxpayers.

    Consider these facts: The Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association endorsed Measure G, noting that it will “slash borrowing costs” and comes with “significant taxpayer protections.” The Monterey Democratic Party has also endorsed Measure G. The Monterey County Weekly endorsed Measure G, writing that Pacific Grove USD deserves an “A” for its vision and ambition. And the Cedar Street Times, in its article on Measure G, reported that, “… more than 90% of each tax dollar will go toward technology improvements for Pacific Grove USD students.”

    How is it that such a broad range of individuals and organizations have all stood up in support of Measure G? Simple. Measure G makes sound educational and financial sense.

    For our schools, it will upgrade educational software in classrooms throughout the district, increase student access to computers, equalize access to technology, provide ongoing funding to keep pace with 21st century innovations, provide for student performance assessment software for statewide testing and learning requirements, and help to improve classroom and campus security systems.

    Financially, it will do all of this without asking taxpayers to fund years of high-cost bond interest payments. Measure G will slash borrowing costs through an innovative structure that matches the useful life of the technology to a series of small short-term financings. These financings will, in turn, be overseen by an independent citizen’s oversight committee with the power to annually audit all expenditures.

    I know that some PG residents oppose Measure G because they are against all taxes, regardless of the benefit to our community or the need of our citizens. That is their right. But the claim that Measure G is unnecessary or too exorbitant is false and flies in the face of the facts. Pacific Grove USD’s Board of Education carefully studied its long-term technology needs and developed a plan that is both modest and limited to a timeframe of 15 to 20 years.

    As to the claim that information provided to voters fails to disclose the cost to voters, this too is simply untrue as anyone who has read the information contained in the sample ballot can attest.

    Thank you for your consideration and please join me and hundreds of other PG residents in voting Yes on Measure G!

    Kathleen Lee

    Chairperson, Technology for Pacific Grove Schools, Yes on G and Pacific Grove USD Parent




    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 25, 2013

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