• Life in the Clear Lane

    by Jade Hage

    Imagine life in crisp high definition
    A pure life, without toxins polluting the blood stream
    Why dabble and stumble?
    Imagine a family. A whole family. Not broken, or poisoned, or unhappy.
    Life lived to the fullest, not marred by the grip of addiction, or stained by the vices of
    Why risk it…risk it all to get buzzed, to get high.
    Imagine life in a safe world
    Driving without fear of drunk drivers
    Imagine a world safe for everyone
    A world without lethal temptations
    A world in which drugs and alcohol are not sold like candy
    A world where the youth does not struggle under addiction’s yolk
    Imagine a world where the news is not dominated by drug wars
    Where the media does not corrupt children’s minds with thoughts of drugs, drinking, and
    Irresponsible sex
    A world cleansed of abusive parents, shattered families, and unhappy children
    Imagine escaping from the darkness of despair and basking in the sun
    Free from the clutches of
    Demonic addiction

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 25, 2011

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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