• Loading zone on Lighthouse is going away

    Parking on the north side of Lighthouse Avenue between 13th Street and 12th Street will soon be converted to 90-minute parking. Currently, it is a mixture of 90-minute parking, loading zones and 20-minute parking.

    The Traffic Safety Commission voted to make the change following a request by the owners of Diamonds and Rust, who pointed out the parking zone in front of their business was outdated.  There is a 15-foot red curb, a 12-foot red curb, a 55-foot yellow loading zone, and a 17-foot 20-minute zone in addition to one single 90-minute parking space. Those designations had apparently benefited a business long gone, and the paint has become faded over the years.

    The result should be at least four new 90-minute parking spaces.

    Projected cost is minimal, consisting of paint plus staff time, and is within the Street Maintenance Fund.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 24, 2009

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