• Local water projects proceeding on schedule

    Sarah Hardgrave, Environmental Programs Manager, reported to the Pacific Grove City Council that the local water projects that the City is pursuing are proceeding on schedule.

    Having been working with Brezak & Assoc. on the project, she says that a completed facilities planning report is due in October (next month).

    Part of the planning report is to incude an analysis of overall market demand, beyond the City’s originally conceptualized golf links and cemetery needs. The report will include other areas in the city  that could benefit from recycled, non-potable water.

    The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District grant has been approved, she says, alleviating some of the expense on the City coffers of pursuing the project.

    A cost estimate will also come in October, with a comprehensive update by first City Council meeting in November.

    City Attorney David Laredo also reported that the administrative law judge overseeing the entire Peninsula project has been changed, due to the departure of SLJ Weatherford. ALJ Angela Menkin has replaced him. She is familiar with the project, having returned to it after a period of months, but Laredo says she has a number of questions. A number of changes have been made in the interim. Financing, securitization, overall water demand and in particular the Pacific Grove Small Water Projects are among her concerns. She is asking, for example, how the Pacific Grove Project affect sthe size of the overall project.

    “Public participation hearings will not be set until we have Cal-Am’s proposed rate structure,” he said, which will probably be January or February 2015.

    City Manager Tom Frutchey said that  sewer water, dry weather flows and storm water that will be treated at the local water project and used for the local needs does affect flow to sewer treatment plant and that is a concern to farmers in the Salinas Valley who perceive that this is their water.

    “How much will this cost?” asked a councilmember.

    “It will cost more than it does now but less than desalinated water,” said Frutchey.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 26, 2013

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