• Local woman, Ita Patilat earns title of Grand Master while competing in the World Masters Weightlifting Championships

    By Jon Charron

    How many 62 year old weightlifters do you know? Well, that’s just what Ita Patilat does for fun and competition.

    Congratulations, Ita Patilat!

    Congratulations, Ita Patilat!

    From August 30 to September 6 2014, Patilat competed in the World Masters Weightlifting Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark. Not only did she take home first place for her age and weight class, but she also took home the title of Grand Master, meaning that she had the highest overall score out of any of the women who competed, in all age and weight classes. Patilat said that she was “surprised and proud” when she found out that she was named Grand Master.

    Originally from the state of Washington, Pantilat recently moved to Pacific Grove after retirement to be closer to her family – including daughter Talli Sunder of InStride Therapy on Lighthouse. Pantilat said that she grew up exercising all of the time. She added, “People don’t forget to eat breakfast, so how do you forget to exercise?” After strength training most of her life, she started power lifting about eight years ago. Three years ago she started competing throughout the United States and decided last year that she would go to Denmark for the world championships.

    While there were more than 100 women competing, she wished there would have been more. “There were not very many competing women between the ages of 50 and 60,” she added. She wants women to continue to exercise as they age. She says that it doesn’t have to be weightlifting; it can be anything, from walking to running and swimming. “If women continue to compete as they grow older, they will train harder. And it is good to challenge your body,” she says.

    Pantilat looks forward to competing in the 2015 National Masters, which is being held in Monrovia, CA next April.


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