• Love

    by Erika McLitus

    They say that love is the noblest of human emotions:
    I disagree.
    Nor can I support that giving into it will set you free.
    Love is neither sweet, nor gentle.
    Those who think so have never given love, only received it,
    They have never probed love’s shadowed corners and secret hideaways
    Never visited its perches in the hearts of sadists and in opium dens,
    They fail to realize it lives in the little spots of tarnish on the Grandmother’s silver spoon just as it resides in the shining golden palace.
    And so now only its shining, cracked veneer,
    dainty and insufficient against its vicious opposition.
    Love is a bully with pockets full of silver nickels and copper pennies,
    desperately trying to fill the emptiness.
    Love is a legion of warriors with swords drawn,
    triumphing through sheer brute force, overwhelming our defenses. Love is a mother fighting for her children’s survival with teeth bared.
    It will grow in deserts and push through dirty concrete,
    and will wither even the most resilient blossom
    that dares to sprout up from the same earth.
    It rakes hearts with barbs of steel,
    hefts boulders and tosses them at the windows of our consciousness,
    It stings more than contempt,
    hurts more than ridicule,
    it lies and cheats and steals.
    Love can color the world in brilliant Technicolor hues
    Or pull the curtains, and leave it blacker than the moonless night.
    Love does what love chooses
    Without regard for those left broken and bleeding in its wake.
    Love is not fair.
    It sears like fire and freezes like ice,
    leaving its victims gasping behind.
    Love decides who is jilted and who is embraced,
    who hopes on and who loses faith.
    Its highs touch places no drug-induced delusion can reach,
    and its lows tear rifts in the fabric of outer space.
    Love is impatient,
    love is cruel,
    it envies and it boasts,
    and yet…
    love is everything.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 22, 2010

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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