• Loving Lab Picked Her Adopters

    by Anne Muraski

    Maya (1)Just dont go in there!—That’s what Ellie Stowe told her husband Karl, a contractor recently hired by The SPCA, before he left home to start installing The SPCA’s new parking lot.  Ellie wanted a dog at some point but they already had three cats and a baby on the way so now was not the right time. Karl managed to get through the first day, but on the second day “Maya,” aka “the sweetheart of the shelter,” stopped to greet him during her walk with a volunteer.

    “I could resist the other dogs I’d seen, but she acted so happy to see me,” said Karl. “At the end of the day I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll just go see her again.’” The shelter was near closing when a somewhat furtive Karl (Just dont go in there!) took Maya out for a romp. “That short time with her in the courtyard sealed the deal for me—but I still had to convince my wife!

    Karl consulted with staff and found out that Maya had just been released from protective custody after being rehabilitated at The SPCA for ten months. Our Humane Officers discovered Maya in Prunedale when they responded to a call on a neighboring property. The pup had a large, gaping wound on her back and was living in the backyard of an unoccupied house. A neighbor had been feeding the dog for the owner, who was on parole for domestic violence. The dog had been coping with the painful wound for two months. Officers transported Maya to The SPCA where our veterinarians performed surgery to remove a large abscess and extensive scar tissue. Maya also needed intensive behavior training to overcome her fearfulness of other dogs and learn basic manners. The prosecution of her owner is still in process.

    While Maya’s case was still working its way through court, Karl had to make his “case” to convince Ella that he’d found a perfect new family member. He researched the breed and consulted with his mother “to get the woman’s point of view.”

    “When I heard about what Maya had been through it really touched my heart,” said Ellie. “I didn’t realize how much Karl wanted a dog, and we both knew we could give her a good home.” Long story short, Maya is now Karl’s official sidekick, always by his side when he’s out working on their five-acre property.

    “It’s perfect,” said Ellie. “The cats keep me company in the house and he’s got Maya outside. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog!”

    Since the three cats already have control of the bed, Maya has her own comfy sleeping kennel on the floor of the couple’s bedroom. On Fridays when Karl is not out in the field well-behaved Maya accompanies him to the family business.

    “The SPCA did a great job teaching her different commands and keeping her happy during her long time there,” said Karl. The couple is continuing Maya’s training and Karl brags that she is “at the top of her class.”

    “They are so enamored of each other. You should see how she jumps up on the couch and they start kissing each other—it’s disgusting!” jokes Ellie. “It was love at first sight with those two.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 4, 2013

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