• ‘Magic Carpet’ clean-up

    By Cameron Douglas

    More than 60 neighborhood volunteers donated their time and labor to spruce up a good portion of the rec trail on March 28. It marked the second year for this community team effort. Volunteers were seen all along the trail from Esplanade to Lovers’ Point, pulling weeds and trimming ice plant.

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    Resident Bill Fredrickson initiated the cleanup last year with former City Manager Jim Colangelo. This year, interim City Manager Charlene Wiseman and Public Works Director Celia Perez-Martinez continued the endeavor. The city loaned out rakes, hoes, weed whackers, protective equipment and provided trash bags.
    “We started this when it became evident the city could no longer maintain the paths,” said Bill. “We asked the city if they would mind if we worked on it. Jim Colangelo welcomed the idea and invited me down to his office, where I met Celia Martinez. Dan Cort got involved. We had the first one about a year ago with the active help of the Pacific Grove Rotary Club. We’re trying to make it a neighborhood event.”
    The ultimate goal is to preserve the picture-postcard-perfect image of purple flowers that wrap the PG coastline in a blanket of bright lavender every spring. The plants, by the way, go by many names: Rosea Ice Plant; Floribunda Purple; “Purple Carpet”; and the botanical name, Drosanthemum Floribundum.
    Says Bill: “It bothers me when people don’t recognize how beautiful this coast is, and what a tourist magnet it can be. Pacific Grove needs to find ways to draw tourists into town. Once they’re here, they’ll buy things in the stores. But we need to get them here. Those of us who feel strongly about it came to put our labor in.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 31, 2009

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