• Major actions taken by the City Council at its regular meeting on April 1, 2015

    Major actions taken by the Council at its regular meeting on April 1, 2015 include:

    • Approved recording of liens on 505 Grand Avenue and 1009 Forest Avenue for failure to maintain properties, failure to address code violations, and imposing significant costs onneighbors and the community as a whole.

    • Adopted an ordinance continuing the 3-hour parking pilot program in the downtown area until September 18, 2015, by which time a full evaluation will have been completed and proposal for a comprehensive set of parking programs presented.

    • Appointed Jocelyn Francis, the City’s Police Administrative Services Manager as City Manager pro tempore.

    • Received an update on the County-wide 9-1-1 system, proposed upgrades to system governance, and alternative options for reducing costs and improving services going forward.

    • Received a presentation updating the results of annual marketing services by the Aquarium.

    • Considered policy and financing options for completing sidewalks, especially on safe routes to schools, and directed that further analysis be undertaken and brought back to Council.

    The agenda reports and supporting documents for all of these actions are on the City’s website, at http://www.cityofpacificgrove.org. Details of the actions taken will also be available, upon completion and adoption of the meeting minutes, which will also be posted on the website.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 10, 2015

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