• Major actions taken by the Council at its regular meeting on April 15, 2015

     Approved a contract to replace the failed Library heating system. Staff and patrons who have been chilled in the mornings can now welcome a more pleasant research and reading experience. The required 3 quotes were obtained Tuesday, the Council approved the contract award Wednesday, and all parties signed the contract Thursday. Your city government can move quickly.

     Postponed consideration of an appeal of the denial by the Planning Commission of a proposed lot split on the Holman Building site. At the request of the property owner/appellant, the appeal was continued to May 20.

     Provided direction to staff and asked that recommendations for the process proposed for the upcoming consideration by property owners of changes in sewer rates be brought back to the Council on May 6. This will provide an additional opportunity for the community to provide input before the notices of a public hearing and protest process are sent to all properties in the City.

     Awarded a contract to a new outside independent auditor. The independent auditor reviews the City’s financial records and practices each year. The auditor’s annual report provides the Council and the community with a scorecard on the quality of the City’s practices, and provides recommendations for improvement. The City has had a clean audit for many years, and seeks to continue that achievement.

     Adopted a 45-day moratorium on the addition of any more thrift shops, consignment shops, and resale stores in the Downtown. The moratorium also covers checking cashing stores, tire sales, blood/plasma sale centers, and other uses in the downtown, each of which would be uses different from what we have now and may well be considered incompatible with the community’s desires for the downtown. The Planning Commission will be considering recommendations to the Council on both of these related issues. Before the end of the 45 days, the Council will consider recommended improvements or an extension of the moratorium, if necessary.

     Approved the assessment, for another year, of a 0.004% property tax on all parcels, in order to pay for the bonds that purchased the Butterfly Habitat. At the current repayment schedule, the bonds will be paid off by August 1, 2017. The annual assessment for a typical single family home in the City is less than $15.00.

     Heard reports on the Governor’s drought restrictions. Guidelines for the restrictions will be heard by the state’s Water Resources Control Board on May 5.

     The Council also heard a report on the results of the GLAC’s investigation into the status of the City’s easements on the UPRR right-of-way, which starts at the mobile home park just east of Del Monte Boulevard, runs west through

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 17, 2015

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