• Major actions taken by the Council at its regular meeting on May 17, 2017 include:

    Proclaimed National Public Works Week for May 21-27, 2017.

    Presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Steven Silveria for his service to the City as Library/Information Systems Director on the occasion of his retirement.

    Received an update on the proposed Julia Platt Plaza at Lover’s Point.

    Held second reading and approved an ordinance to amend Municipal Code Chapter 15.16.045-Sidewalk Seating and Sidewalk Dining (Barriers).

    Authorized the City Manager to enter into an agreement with the All Star Painting for exterior painting and gutter replacement of the Pacific Grove Police Department for a cost not to exceed $75,800 plus a 10% contingency.

    Authorized the City Manager to enter into an agreement with the Monterey Peninsula Engineering for 15th and Laurel Storm Drain Improvements for a cost not to exceed $99,545 plus a 10% contingency.

    Appointed Mayor Kampe to replace Mayor Pro Tem Huitt to the City Council Legislative Sub-committee.

    Received Architectural Review Board meeting minutes.

    Received a presentation and program review on the short-term rental program.

    Received a Regional Meeting Participation Report.

    Continued Items Scheduled for City Council Meeting on June 7, 2017. Council continued the second reading of the an ordinance to amend Chapters 10.08 and 10.10, and Sections 10.04.190 and 14.080.030 of the Pacific Grove Municipal Code pertaining to animals, and the second reading of an ordinance to amend the City Municipal Code, Table 23.31.040, for Building Form Requirements, Site Coverage Maximum Percentage in Downtown Commercial (C-D) to June 7, 2017.

    Short Term Rental. The Council received a presentation on the short-term vacation rental program at its regular meeting on May 17, 2017. The continuation of this meeting will be scheduled at a future Council meeting, to be announced very shortly (look for an announcement on the City’s website and within the next Weekly Summary). Staff is seeking direction from Council to either sunset the program, or to continue the program with amendments to the current ordinance in place.

    Budget Workshop Scheduled. The City Council has scheduled a budget workshop special meeting for May 31st at 6:00PM, and encourages the public to attend as they dive into the budget season.

    As this is a budget workshop, no formal action will be taken. The budget is scheduled for first read and anticipated adoption at the City Council meetings in June.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 22, 2017

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