• Measure O Improves, but Still Lags

    The Yes on Measure O vote is improving, but it’s probably not enough to pass. Update as of Fri., June 6 with 8,160 votes left to be counted county-wide:

    Yes on O 10,011 or 44.84 percent; No on O 12,311 or 55.15 percent.

    If 3,700 votes remain in the Water Management District (the likely percent of the 8,160 votes left to count) then about 64 percent of the remaining votes would have to go for Measure O to pass. It’s not likely at this juncture.

    Meanwhile, Sheriff Miller’s re-election bid has lost a couple of percentage points to Steve Bernal, falling from 42.48 percent at first reports to 40.93 percent on Friday. The current numbers will not affect the runoff in the fall election.

    We will continue to report as numbers are revised.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 6, 2014

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