• Message for the new year, 2012 from Amy Coale Solis

    Amy is a Master Herbalist and lives a wholistic lifestyle in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She lived in Pacific Grove for a time and became a monthly columnist while working at a health and nutrition store here. this is her New Year’s message and the story of her personal transformation.

    Dec 2011 Personal note

    Greetings! I hope you are enjoying the most wonderful time of the year. I have set an intention to truly enjoy the holidays this year. Hiking through the giant redwoods with my husband, father, mother, and grandmother has for sure been my favorite outing this season. I feel fortunate to live in such a lovely place and get to show my family the special trees and sites when they come to visit. Being from southern Illinois we love to gaze at and experience the sacred giants sequoias every chance we get.


    Behind the scene there is really special stuff happening. With my earnings from the handmade basket deliveries, I have been able to invest in a mentor to support me in 2012 as a spiritual entrepreneur. To guide me while growing into the person and business I wish to be, by expressing and sharing my true essence and fulfill my propose in order to make a great living. I have always known I would be reaching for support and now the time has come. I cannot believe how quickly and amazingly things are unfolding. I am so grateful and look forward to sharing the plans ahead with you. Say tuned for all the new growth and plans in 2012.


    Below I have included my most personal article and writing ever. It’s all about my past, my journey and my story. I have never shared anything like this before with anyone. I hope it is helpful to you and helps you to know and understand a little more about me.

    Until next year 2012…. I wish you a holiday filled with enjoyment or whichever special intent you have set for yourself. Blessings and Enjoyment to each of you.

    Transformation story

    I am Amy Solis, a holistic health practitioner specializing in herbs and nutrition. I also run a small farmstead herd-share. I live in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains with my true love, my husband Reev. We are living our dream of a quiet, healthy, holistic lifestyle. I work from home supporting others through nutrition, herbs, and a natural holistic lifestyle. I get to be at home and take great care of my husband, our home, and myself. I get to be with my organic dairy goats each day and look out the window of my office at my organic garden and the beautiful trees and mountains, just as I have always wished and dreamed. My family is proud of me, I am healthy without medication, happy, pain free. I have energy naturally and I am being the woman I have always wanted to be.

    But things were not always this way . . . in fact, if I’m really honest with you, you’ll see that my journey has been quite traumatic and challenging.” What I want to share is a bit about my path because as you look and hear about my life now I think it’s important for me to share how it has not always been this way.

    I had a traumatic childhood. I was hospitalized twice as a little girl; first over dosing on my mother’s medication and nearly losing my life. Then again after being attacked by my father’s dog. Along with this, we (my family) did not have an understanding about nutrition, its effects on health and the body, or a realization about the way food makes us feel. There definitely was not a connecting or relating about good nutrition, health, concentration or quality of life. Health problems seemed to be normal. My mother suffered from constant health problems. This was very hard for me while growing up and a difficult thing to watch my mom go through. Now please before I continue let me say I am not ungrateful or blaming anyone about this, if anything, it’s the opposite. I’m thankful for these learning opportunities.

    With this background of trauma and poor nutrition, by the time I got to school I was struggling with concentration and focus. I remember reading and not remembering the sentences I had just read. By my teenage years I began to struggle with pms and severe menstrual cramping, every month going through this same horrible episode of pain, vomiting and shaking. I remember having to leave school and getting home just in time to throw up in so much pain from menstrual cramping. Another time this happened while out at the movies and I needed to call home to get someone to come and get me so this would not happen in public. The movie office said they would not call home for me and that they would only call the ambulance. I had to go in the ambulance. I was given Vicodin in the emergency room at the hospital.

    It was not helpful when the doctors would tell me that nothing was wrong and give me a look as if I were wimpy or that all woman have to deal with it and I was not any different, ending with me being sent away with birth control pills and huge tablets of ibuprofen. Making things worse to say the least. There were times while going through this I wondered if my life was even worth living if I had to go through so much pain each month.

    This was not the only health issue I was struggling with… digestive issues, ulcers, acne, depression, and serious bronchitis that would require me to take antibiotics at least two times a year. I had major low self-esteem, I did not like who I was, how I looked, and I had no idea what direction to head in. Over all, this had pretty much left me as a lost, unhappy young adult and an unhealthy, unbalanced young woman.

    I thought this is just what God wants for me and how life is for me, full of suffering, and I felt this was just the card I had been dealt, so I began to “party” and use this as a way to feel good, connect with others, and feel good about myself, overall resulting in a DUI.

    Then, when I turned 18, I was taken off my parent’s insurance plan and it hit me. Something deep down, I knew I was not going to have the antibiotics, the amoxicillin, the major ibuprofin, the Retin-A acne cream, the tagiment ulcer treatment or any of the many other prescriptions that had been sustaining my health through my childhood up until then. It was scary but I knew I had to learn to take care of myself and take my health into my own hands and responsibility if I was going to make it or even have a chance of living a healthy life.

    I got a job at a local nutrition center in the town where I was living and began to study nutrition and herbs. I began to get healthy and I started a positive path of supreme health and self care. I began to work with and study under a nutritionist/herbalist, a naturopathic doctor and an aromatherapist at the nutrition center. I became like a sponge and took in all I could learn from these mentors. They supported, encouraged, trained, sponsored, and influenced the practitioner and the person I am today. They taught me everything they know and I live and work still to this day with integrity as if I am a member of this team, in all I do.

    Following this I followed my heart, moved to Monterey Bay to be with my husband and took a position at a small nutrition center as their in-house herbalist. Here I worked for four years until 2010 when I began to focus on working from home while tending our holistic farmstead herd-share in the Santa Cruz mountains, truly stepping into, living and loving a natural holistic-lifestyle while practicing and honoring what I teach.

    If you would like to speak with a Master Herbalist I will be happy to answer your questions, work with you, your family, your health, and your natural-holistic lifestyle. I also am happy to offer a free, first time phone consultation.

    If you have a question or would like to schedule a FREE, first time phone consultation, contact: (831) 262-6522.


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