• Mike Zimmer, Public Works/Community Development, Retiring

    Director Public Works/Community Development Mike Zimmer has announced his resignation. While he had made arrangements with City Manager Tom Frutchey in the first week of December, the announcement is just now being made public. His last day will be Jan. 17, after which he will take a two-week earned vacation.

    M Zimmer

    M Zimmer

    But he may be back from time to time to work on small projects as a subcontractor, though work is not on his personal agenda.

    “After 28 and a half years of public service, I want to enjoy life with my wife, my daughter and her family,” said Zimmer. He and his wife of 36 years have begun packing and will move to Napa to be near his daughter and son-in-law, and grandchildren, ages 21 months and 8 months.

    Zimmer holds a degree in Organizational Management, plus various certifications. Prior to coming to work in Pacific Grove, he served as a Building Official for the County of Santa Barbara, and spent more than 20 years working in Santa Barbara County. In 2009, Zimmer was the president of the City Building Officials Association.

    “When I first came to Pacific Grove, it was in large part because of the integrity of the city manager [Tom Frutchey],” he said. “He is among the many people I’ll miss.”

    When he first came to the City, his short term project list included updating storm water management (check!); the tree ordinance (will it ever be done?); re-gentrification of landscape and bathrooms at the Old Bath House (now the Beach House); sewer pump station upgrades (in the works). Long range plans included overlaying and repairing streets, which has been an ongoing project as well.

    Another project he hopes to see completed is negotiations with the new property owner at the Butterfly Inn to link with their sewer system and install a permanent, unisex bathroom facility for the Monarch Sanctuary. “I think it’s horrible that the first sight visitors see is that ugly blue ‘honey hut,’ “ he said, referring to the porta-potty at the entrance.

    Dan Gho will step up to Zimmer’s position in Public Works and a senior planner will take the reins in the Community Development Department in the interim. City management may decide to keep those people in the positions, or to recruit for others in about eight months.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 13, 2014

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