• Monterey Police to Start Utilizing Social Media Platform – “Nextdoor”

    The Monterey Police Department announces it will be utilizing the social media platform “Nextdoor” to share information on crime prevention, safety, public events, and some notifications to Monterey residents.  The purpose of this use is to increase lines of communication and strengthen collaborative relationships with the public we serve in order to build stronger, safer neighborhoods throughout our community.

    “Nextdoor” is a private social media site for residents, neighbors and their community.  In signing up for “Nextdoor,” every member must verify their address and each member signs in with their real name. Members are then assigned to virtual neighborhoods based on their address.  Members can then choose where their information is shared.

    Currently there are over 1,100 Monterey residents signed up for the site.  More information including how to sign up can be found at nextdoor.com.

    The Department also uses facebook and twitter and those interested in receiving content from the Department can like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, or sign up for “Nextdoor.”  Links to our social media sites can be found at the bottom of the police department website, montereypolice.org.

    The Department uses social media to “push” information and does not regularly monitor the sites.  Social media is not the appropriate way to request emergency services, police services, report criminal or suspicious activity, file a report, etc. If you need emergency services, or wish to report suspicious activity, please call 911.

    For questions please call Sgt. Ethan Andrews, 831-646-3830.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 8, 2016

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