• Monterey Skate Park will undergo $176,00, 45-day renovation

    The Monterey Skatepark will close on November 6 for renovation and expansion work.  The project will take up to 45 days and cost approximately $176,000. The 16 year old concrete park is located along Lake El Estero and is adjacent to Dennis the Menace Park.

    “Our popular skatepark is aging and can be overcrowded,” said Mayor Clyde Roberson. “We’ve heard from local kids that it was time to introduce new features and expand the park.”

    The expansion will add nearly 4,000 square feet and new obstacles, including a new pyramid, pipe rails, and two ramps. M.G. Creations Construction will oversee construction. M.G. has helped build skateparks in Capitola, Pinole and Santa Cruz.

    “These improvements will help extend the life of the park, and continues to demonstrate Monterey’s commitment to providing modern recreational facilities,” said City Manager Mike McCarthy. “This project is truly a community collaboration.” 

    Funding for the project comes from the Neighborhood Improvement Program. NIP directs tourist-generated dollars back into neighborhood and community projects. Recent NIP park projects include artificial turf for Sollecito Ball Park and a new soccer field at Laguna Grande Park.

    The Monterey Skatepark opened in November 1999. The City of Monterey worked with dozens of local skateboarders to gather input on its design. Minor upgrades were done in 2009, 2010 and 2013. The renovation and expansion project was approved in 2008 but was delayed due to budget constraints.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 5, 2015

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