• More Credible Info Needed on Smart Meters


    I must take issue with the Robert Frischmuth letter regarding Smart Meter deployment – on practically everything. Coming from the  electrical industry, Mr. Frischmuth’s opinions may be credible, but then again……. He wants to tell us what he knows, but apparently doesn’t know that much.  He claims that health hazards are mere perceptions, but tell that to the people who are currently suffering from EMF exposure. The frequency range that Smartmeters function in have been studied by the US military and have been rejected because they were too dangerous, and potentially lethal.

    As for FCC standards, well, aside from having some of the lowest standards in the world, there essentially are no standards in the US for non-thermal radiation exposure. For a recent study on Smartmeters exceeding FCC standards, go to http://sagereports.com/smart-meter-rf/.

    Frischmuth also sees “little incentive” for hacking. Well, not only can a hacker determine if/when someone is home or not, a wireless grid is susceptible to all kinds of foul play.  Use your imagination.

    He claims complaints have been “few”, but, in fact they number in the tens of thousands.  He mentions an “independent study” (appointed by the CPUC?) but doesn’t mention that the study didn’t declare Smartmeters to be safe. He further states that Smarties are the “key component to the smart grid”. Really, they’re not. The smart grid deals more with regional issues, rather than individual users. He also mentions “benefits”. But, on Feb. 8, Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen rejected the installation of advanced meter technology (i.e. Smart Meters) because they were “likely to produce few benefits”.

    I suggest www.emfsafetynetwork.org , or http://stopsmartmeters.org for credible info.

    Larry Parrish, Carmel


    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 7, 2011

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