• More positions cut

    As he offered a peek at next month’s fiscal year-end report, Director of Management and Budget Jim Becklenberg told the city council that the city needs to make further cuts now to help the budget process. He recommended that four positions currently vacant be eliminated. “Yes, they are needed to provide basic services,” he said, but added that the budget requires they be taken out of the equation.

    Rather than de-fund them, which is a one-time, temporary step, they were eliminated, which is an ongoing measure. Should funds become available, staff can request that the council fund them again. Positions eliminated by the council vote were:

    Police Sergeant ($102,000) “This action would reduce the authorized sworn staffing level to 22, and would prevent the department from staffing a regular investigations unit,” according to the staff report. “Given current staffing constraints, only the most severe crimes receive follow-up attention. . .” it continued.

    Two Maintenance Workers ($118,000) Facilitated by moving one staff member from the streets, buildings and parks side of the general fund to the sewer maintenance side, which is funded by the sewer fund, the result will be reduced maintenance of streets, building, and parks.

    Code Enforcement Officer ($85,000) Though the position was scheduled for recruitment in a month or two, the staff report said, “Eliminating this position effectively extends the status quo approach to code enforcement, which is passive, and complaint-driven, as opposed to proactive.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 20, 2009

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