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    Coming in 60 percent under design budget, the new design for the Pacific Grove Museum’s History Garden Walkway was presented to the City Council Wednesday, Feb. 18. The Council unanimously approved the plan, which Museum Director Lori Mannel hopes can be completed by June, 2009 – in time for the summer influx of visitors.
    A primary goal of the new design was to be ADA compliant. The designers achieved this by redesigning the slope of the paths and in addition removed the need for ADA compliant handrails and benches. The new design was reviewed by John Keuhl of the City of Monterey Building Safety and Inspection Division and was deemed ADA compliant.
    Museum officials also sought to use materials that promote a conversation message, and by using decomposed granite for the walkway, they will allow water to permeate to the water table.
    Native plant expert Bruce Cowan, who has worked with the Museum’s garden for years, has reviewed and approved the choice of plants for the design, which includes only plants native to the California Central Coast.
    Museum officials also sought to provide space for small group gatherings such as talks and demonstrations for visitors and school groups. They wished to provide educational events aligned with the Museum’s Mission and with California Content Standard for schools and so have included a butterfly garden; representations of three habitats (woodlands, chaparral and coastal scrub; a mineral dig area; a representation of grinding stones which can be used by the public; and a “useful plants” area which will highlight plants used by native peoples in the area. The new design provides for all of that, and more.
    The design, says Museum Director Lori Mannel, will improve Museum visitor experience by providing clearer signage describing plants. There will be a hands-on, educational play area for children.
    The total estimated cost for the project is $40,000. The existing Packard Foundation Grant will provide $7000 of that, to be used for the exhibit portion. The remaining $33,000 will be paid from the Museum Improvement Fund. Funds for the improvement have already been budgeted, and consist of donations which can only be used for museum capital improvement projects and cannot be added to the general fund.
    Mannel told the Council she had not budgeted for additional benches, instead hoping for donations and “In Memory Of” benches. Mayor Dan Cort assured her that there is a list of potential donors for just such benches.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 27, 2009

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