• New Butterfly Pavilion Coming to Museum

    The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History announces that they are designing a live, native Butterfly Pavilion and a permanent monarch gallery. Visitors to Monterey as well as residents can experience butterflies close up all year, if the planning grant just received by the Museum results in an envisioned “butterfly pavilion” as planned.

    Live butterflies in all stages of their life cycle will be housed in a new seasonal butterfly pavilion to be built amid the museum’s native plant gardens. Some half a dozen species of native butterflies, including the California dogface, swallowtails, mourning cloaks, and monarchs, will take up residence every summer. Visitors will enter a native butterfly ecosystem, see free-flying butterflies interacting with plant life, and emerge with a better understanding of the special environment needed for these remarkable creatures to survive. Visitors will be able to search for tiny eggs among the plants, discover the variation in caterpillars, identify species based on the unique chrysalises they form, and observe adult butterflies flying through the enclosure. Native host and nectar plants will be present to support the butterflies through their life cycle.

    According to Lori Mannel, executive director of the Museum, the pavilion will operate during the summer months, when the overwintering monarchs are absent from the Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary.

    Due to the success of the Museum’s special exhibition Monarchs Come Home, a new permanent gallery devoted to interpreting monarch butterflies is also being designed,” she said. “The butterfly experience is just a first step in a longer term vision for re-envisioning all the museum’s venerable exhibition galleries.”

    The announcement comes as 3,400 of the iconic insects have already fluttered into Pacific Grove Butterfly Sanctuary, according to the latest monarch count.

    Saaid Mannel, “A free talk on the monarchs is also scheduled for 1:00-1:30 p.m. every Saturday in November at the monarch sanctuary. And for children and families, on November 30, the museum’s popular “Science Saturdays” will invite kids to create a monarch chrysalis pin, view live butterflies, explore the Museum’s Monarchs Come Home exhibition, and get their faces painted while they discover what makes our monarch butterflies special.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 7, 2013

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