• New Commissioners Appointed

    The City Council of Pacific Grove has approved the Mayor’s recommendations for the appointment of members to the City’s Beautification and Natural Resources Committee and to the Traffic Safety Commission. Michael Kapp is the new member of the Beautification and Natural Resources Committee, Sarah A. Lewis has been appointed to the Traffic Safety Commission, and Tony Prock is joining the Traffic Safety Commission.

    Michael Kapp has most recently served as what he terms an “interface” between major entertainment and technology industries such as Canter Technology, Gracenote.com, and EMI Music. Kapp serves on the Board of Advisors to the MOVES Institute – Naval Postgraduate School, and has served on the Pacific Repertory Theatre and The Monterey County Film Commission Boards of Directors. From 1972 to 1993, Kapp was also the founder and president of Warner Special Products, Inc., and has many other distinguished accomplishments to his name. He has been appointed to the Beautification and Natural Resources Committee.

    Sarah A. Lewis wants “to make a difference” and so joins the Traffic Safety Commission, bringing with her a certain passion for the city that could make up for any lack of experience in traffic management. Lewis’ experience in is interior design and architectural specifications. She says she is someone “who believes in using my bike or legs as transportation as much as possible” and is in favor of keeping a “slow pace” to downtown traffic. Her partner was recently the victim of a hit and run in front of Toasties.

    Tony Prock joins the Traffic Safety Commission. Currently the President of the Board of Directors of the Pacific Grove Police Citizens Academy Alumni Association, Prock has served the community in related areas for some time. Prock assisted Pacific Grove police with traffic control at the car events August Historic Week and Cherries Jubilee and has assisted police with traffic and crowd control at various other special events. He is also the safety coordinator at companies in the Bay area, has been the traffic and driving coordinator with Pacific Bell, where he presented a safe driving program for the Monterey Bay region, and has even served as a shuttle driver during Pebble Beach events.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 23, 2009

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