• New Evacuation Centers in

    Salinas and King City

    Monterey County is opening Sherwood Hall in Salinas as an evacuation shelter for fire evacuees and the Monterey County Library Branch in King City as an evacuation center. 

    Sherwood Hall is open now as a shelter for evacuees. The facility had already been established as a stand-by alternative housing site for COVID-19 and is equipped for provide sleeping accommodations and services for those in need. COVID-19 protocols are in place for the shelter. Those coming to the shelter will need to have face coverings and be prepared to social distance and follow directions from shelter staff regarding COVID procedures. Temperature checks will be taken for everyone’s safety. 

    To access the shelter, evacuees must provide proof of residency in the fire evacuation zone, whether it is a current ID, bill, statement or vehicle registration. 

    If you are evacuating with pets, there is assistance being arranged through the SPCA. Please contact the SPCA at 831-264-5455 if you need safe housing for your animals. SPCA will not be onsite to assist with animals at Sherwood. 

    The shelter at Carmel Middle School remains open as a 24- hour shelter for evacuees. 

    The County is also opening an evacuation center at the King City Library, 402 Broadway in King City. The center at Laguna Seca also remains open. Evacuation centers are open during daytime hours 8 am to 8 pm. At the Laguna Seca center, those wishing to shelter with RVs or by camping can receive vouchers for staying in the recreation area. They must show proof of residency in the fire area. 

    You may also call the American Red Cross Emergency Services line: 1 866- 272-2237. 

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 28, 2020

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