• New members for boards, commissions and committees

    The City Council has approved three new members to City Commissions and Committees. They are:

    William Fredrickson
    Planning Commission

    William Fredrickson is a graduate mechanical engineer. Over his 45-year career, he worked in engineering, sales and marketing, operations and general management. He has lived in three countries and eight different places with the United States, and says that he has observed many approaches to municipal planning – some he deemed successful and some not.

    He inherited a home in Pacific Grove in 1983 but was unable to move here full time until 2006 when he retired for a second time. Fredrickson lives in the Beach Tract area and says that he is particularly interested in Pacific Grove’s codes being observed to the benefit of all of our residents. “While we currently have a wonderful place to live, we will be coming under increasing pressure for further development,” he states. “That  development can be a positive addition to the city, but we will have to monitor activity closely for adherence to our codes.”

    Ken Cuneo
    Housing Committee

    Ken Cuneo has lived in Pacific Grove for 16 years, having retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the Army, a career which took him abroad and gave him experience in human resources and security clearance as well as extensive experience in budgets and budget planning.  He was part of the finance procurement for the so-called Star Wars Program. He has civilian degrees in European History and Education and has taught at the middle school and high school levels and at the college level. Cuneo also has diplomas from Defense Language Institute in Italian and Portuguese. He says, “I have lived overseas extensively. . . This gives me a global outlook on urban planning, including transportation issues, architecture, art and housing considerations.”

    Robin Aeschliman
    Architectural Review Board

    Robin Aeschliman describes herself as a preservationist, but says that while she is passionate about the protection of a community’s historical inventory, she is not an obstructionist. She served on the Architectural Review Board previously and has lived in Pacific Grove for most of the past 47 years, having raised three children here. Robin and her husband are c-owners of A and R Plumbing and she is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker del Monte Realty.  She says that her particular bias is neon plastic signs as primary signage for businesses, stating that she doesn’t see that they add anything positive to our community.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 20, 2009

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