• New multi-media exhibit: “Inherent Worth & Dignity” Opens 9/5 in Carmel


    Photo by Bob Sadler

    Photo by Bob Sadler

    A new multi-media exhibit called, “Inherent Worth and Dignity…Living Portraits of Homeless Men” will open at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts in Carmel, CA on September 5 for a five-week run. Three artists worked for the past two years to produce this exhibit. Timothy Barrett, a well-known advocate for social justice and the owner of Digital Streaming Network, produced video interviews. Cassidy Hausmann Mason, a student at York School, conducted interviews and produced written essays. Bob Sadler, a management consultant and local photographer, produced the formal portraits.

    The exhibit features 25 photographic portraits, essays, a book, and video interviews of men who have been homeless in Monterey County during the past two years. The men were photographed, recorded and interviewed during their monthly one-night stays at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Monterey Peninsula (UUCMP), which helped launch the project.

    The exhibit will also feature the first local use of new viewing technology called “augmented reality”. This technology brings portraits to life with the use of a software application as viewers use portable devices to watch and listen as some of the men tell their own stories. So, bring your smart phones and tablets. Mobile devices will be on hand for those who need them.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 30, 2014

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