• Nine Arrests in Panga Boat $18 Million Marijuana Seizure

    San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office Patrol units, Detectives, their Patrol boat, and the U.S. Coast Guard had been tracking a Panga boat off of their coast. They tracked the Panga boat North to the Mill Creek Day Use area in Southern Monterey County.

    They found the boat sitting on some rocks, a few feet from the shoreline. The boat contained over a hundred bales of marijuana. At the time of the discovery there was no one around the boat, but there was evidence that the suspects were still in the area.

    The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’ Office stopped a vehicle near the day use area. Four suspects were contacted and determined to be associated with the Panga boat. The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office was advised of the incident and responded to the scene. The STING Task Force was called out and responded to assist in the investigation. The suspects were arrested and taken to the Monterey County Jail. The boat and bales of marijuana were taken for evidence. The estimate street dollar value on the marijuana seized was approximately 18 million dollars.

    From 6-12-15 to 6-14-15, five (5) more suspects were identified and apprehended in the area. One was from Riverside, CA; Two were from Mexico and six were from Arizona. They were taken to the Monterey County Jail.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 16, 2015

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