• No Gucci for Pucci: It’s Converse for York teacher

    For 24 years, Pacific Grove resident Dr. Robert Pucci has taught French, Italian and Latin at York School wearing Converse shoes and a polo shirt. Rumor has it he owns 50 pairs. Let’s make that 51 now that he’s retiring, because his students pooled their lunch money and bought him a special pair in York colors, with the school name on the heel.
    Friday, May 13 there was a noon-hour rally at York with a dessert spread provided by the York Parents and a special presentation of the signature Converse shoes – with most of the student body and faculty wearing their own athletic shoes. Many even wore polo shirts.
    “The ‘signature’ wasn’t planned,” says Pucci. “It just happened.”

    Dr. Robert Pucci shows off the custom Converse shoes, complete with York School logo, that were given him as retirement gift by students, including Teo Lamiot and Hussein Elbakti, far right.

    Sean Raymond, the Academic Dean, affirmed Pucci’s reputation. “You are sometimes pedantic, but never pedestrian!” he said from the microphone where students – some who hadn’t even had him as a teacher – presented the popular language instructor with cards and testimonials.
    He had taught at the college level in Texas for five years prior to coming to York. “High school is a whole different ball of wax,” he said.
    There are amazing students who stand out, according to Pucci. “I’m demanding as a teacher,” he said. “There are those who appreciate what I do at the moment, but there are those who come back. When it’s the average student who comes back, it’s even better.”
    When the school year ends in a few days, Pucci will be moving to San Francisco. He intends to travel, and the first place on his schedule is Turkey. He will doubtless be wearing a polo shirt and Converse shoes.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 14, 2011

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