• Now they’ve added half the City Council

    This is a press release from the self-styled “Committee to Save Pacific Grove” which states that they are not only trying to recall Dan Cort but have added Bill Kampe, Vicki Stilwell and Deborah Lindsay to the list.

    Press Release
    Tuesday, August 04, 2009
    Contact: Terrence Zito: 373-3326
    A Recall effort begins today to allow Pacific Grove voters to remove the Mayor Dan Cort, and three Councilmembers, Bill Kampe, Vicki Stillwell and Deborah Lindsay, for their votes to give raises to city employees while cutting back vital services for Pacific Grove citizens.

    Terrence Zito said “The final straw was when Mr. Cort and other Council members voted to cut back Library funds and to give away the City’s beloved Museum with a one-sided contract. These did not protect our public interests.”

    “Other examples include Kampe, Stillwell and Lindsay voting at the last Council meeting to give Police raises after voting to decrease other services including our Library, our Museum and our Fire Department. The vote was 3-3 and is continued to this week’s Council meeting.

    “This Recall is not in response to any single vote, but to a pattern of mismanagement of city assets and finances. Police raises are just one part of the overall pattern of financial blunders.”

    David Dilworth added “This Recall is the only option available to the public to turn around a city that is on the edge of insolvency.”

    “We are saddened that Mr. Cort continues to demonize citizens who have genuine concerns about the downward spiral the city has endured under his tenure. We believe the citizens of Pacific Grove deserve a civil debate on these grave issues – not more name calling from the Mayor.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 4, 2009

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    One Response to “Now they’ve added half the City Council”

    1. kermit Says:
      August 4th, 2009 at 6:33 pm

      Yeah, good call.

      And now the bulletin publishes a hit piece on the same people the same day.

      Maybe Obink et al. can reinstate the old golf club crew and REALLY fix things. Sadly, if these boneheads get their way, PG will become known as America’s Broke Home Town.

      I think maybe we’ll move to Santa Cruz, it’s not as weird there.


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