• Old Bath House, Take II

    By Marge Ann Jameson

    There was no standing ovation, but there could have been had there been more members of the public there to hear the statement at City Council tonight. It was announced, at the first reading of a revised lease with Robert Enea for the Old Bath House property at Lovers Point, that Jim Gilbert, owner of Abalonetti Seafood on the Monterey Wharf, had agreed to lease the property from Robert Enea and open the restaurant.

    Gilbert’s representative and managing partner, Kevin Phillips, announced that they would open the restaurant portion as soon as possible after renovations are made.

    Phillips said the news restaurant, which will retain the name “Bath House,” will serve a varied menu and will not concentrate solely on seafood. “It will not be a complicated menu,” he said, “but it will be quality.”

    He went on to say that the company puts its locals’ menu foremost, and would probably open for dinner at 4:00 to cater to locals’ tastes and needs. He said they would not aim at haute cuisine but at American fare.

    Gilbert, who has 40 percent of the square footage on the Monterey Wharf, had previously negotiated, along with Phillips, on the now-vacant property that was most recently Lattitudes. The deal fell through, according to Phillips.

    Phillips expressed excitement and anticipation over the venture. “Our motto is to exceed peoples’ expectations,” said Phillips, a 1977 graduate of Pacific Grove High School. “Any mention of top restaurateurs in the Monterey area for the past 50 years has to include Jim Gilbert.”


    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 27, 2011

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