• Open Letter from CM Tom Frutchey Re: Cdr. John Nyunt

    To: The Pacific Grove and Monterey County Community

    There have been recent reports relating to whether or not Pacific Grove Police Commander (ret.) John Nyunt participated or assisted in the crimes for which his ex-wife is being prosecuted. Even though there are as yet only untested allegations, some people seem to be already making up their minds about Cmdr. Nyunt and about the Pacific Grove Police Department.

    When questions first arose, we contacted the District Attorney and then, last February, placed Cmdr. Nyunt on administrative leave, as is appropriate. Since then, the City has cooperated fully with the District Attorney’s Office and the FBI in their investigations.

    The City has also retained an experienced, outside investigator to conduct our internal administrative investigation. We must observe all due process, to protect the rights of every individual who is involved in any way. (It is to protect these rights, not for purposes of “political cover,” that we cannot share details of such investigations.)

    The Police Department, as a unit under the leadership of Chief Vicki Myers, is implementing management and operational improvements that focus on transparency, strong oversight, and accountability. We have hired fine new officers who, in collaboration with our existing staff, will make the department significantly stronger. We also are continuing to analyze the appropriate direction for the department in the future. (We welcome all residents and businesses in Pacific Grove to take the current on-line survey of police services to share with us their views and recommendations.)

    Our administrative investigation will evaluate the facts to determine what, if any, further administrative and operational changes might be needed or desirable. This is being appropriately handled by Chief Myers, in accordance with the law, and with the full support of the City Council and me.

    Events such as these remind us how important it is to continually reexamine our procedures and take action to meet the high standards that we have set for ourselves and that the Pacific Grove community deserves. We will continue to re-evaluate our actions until we are certain that all corrective measures have been taken and that we have prevented a reoccurrence. Our joint commitment is to serve the Pacific Grove community in the most professional and ethical manner possible, now and into the future. Pacific Grove residents should be justly proud that Pacific Grove has been and continues to be the safest community in the County.

    Thomas Frutchey

    City Manager
    City of Pacific Grove

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 27, 2013

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