• PG sets Moratorium on Evictions During Emergency

    Wednesday, April 1, 2020 City Council Meeting the City Council passed a moratorium on evictions due to nonpayment of residential and commercial rent during the COVID-19 emergency.

    The Governor’s Executive Order N-28-20, March 16, 2020 gives local governments the ability to restrict residential and commercial evictions due to nonpayment of rent if related to COVID-19.

    This includes loss of personal and business income as a result of loss of work or business income, compliance with government actions to reduce the spread of the virus and associated medical expenses. This executive order is in effect until May 31, 2020 unless extended.

    Monterey County’s “Shelter in Place” order requires people to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This order also requires many (‘non-essential’) businesses to close or curtail operations which is resulting in lost wages and business income.

    This moratorium will assist in compliance with the shelter in place order, preserving public health. Providing tenants with protection from eviction due to the inability to pay rent will help minimize any increase in the homeless population. The moratorium will help stabilize local housing and commercial rental markets. It will provide needed time for residents and business owners to recover from the economic downturn as a result of COVID-19.

    It is not a ‘rent holiday’ as unpaid rents are due after termination of the urgency measures. It is intended for renters to work with property owners to pay in a timely manner any rent due, to the extent possible, during the shelter in place order.

    For more information please contact the City Clerk at cityclerk@cityofpacificgrove.org .

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 3, 2020

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