• Our Home: A Radio Clock

    by Julia Marsh

    If the world were like a radio clock and God were asleep in his bed, I figure each time we cried out in alarm, “Wake up!” he would pound the snooze button and cry, “Five more minutes!” and roll over tremendously under his blanket of stars and moons, and would in turn knock over his glass of Milky Way which sat on his nightstand, and we then would feel meteoroids and rocks and clutter and debris falling upon our heads, so that we would cry out again, “Wake up!” and the radio clock would blare in God’s ear; obnoxious tunes off the FM station, reports of mayhem down on earth, songs of country artists, commercials for roofing companies and seafood restaurants would sing with the volume turned to ‘high’, but again God would call, “5 more minutes!” and his heavy fist would pound the snooze button, so fearsomely that the entire clock would fall off his nightstand, whirling down through the universe, as if in a tornado, with nebulas and nebulous stars and suns and planets spiraling by, and just before we, the radio clock, passed through an immense black hole, God would reach his muscled arm out from underneath his rocket-ship sheets, and catch us, place us back upon his nightstand, next to his lamp whom we call the Sun, and return to his snoring state, only to reawaken 5 minutes later, by an ever alarmed radio clock.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 24, 2010

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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