• Pacific Grove City Manager to Resign, Depart for Paso Robles

    Pacific Grove City Manager Tom Frutchey has alerted the City that he will be accepting a similar role in the City of Paso Robles, contingent on final contract approval by the Paso Robles City Council at their meeting on November 17.

    Mr. Frutchey came to Pacific Grove as City Manager in October of 2009, during the term of Mayor Dan Cort, and following the reservation of City Manager Jim Colangelo and a short term with an interim City Manager, Charlene Wiseman.  During the six years of his executive leadership, the City has made significant progress in finances, services, and operations.

    The City has achieved a budget surplus in each of those six years. Library hours have increased. The City has stepped up street and sewer system maintenance. Both the Library and Museum facilities are being refreshed and foundations established at each to aid in fund-raising.

    Located on City property at Lovers Point, The Beach House Restaurant moved forward and opened in tandem with a new citizen-funded city swimming pool at Lovers Point. Golf course management has improved with CourseCo, a contract operator. The Point Pinos Grill features a capable restaurant operator at the Golf Links clubhouse. Project Bella at the American Tin Cannery site, the Holman Building Project, and the Local Water Project have been initiated and are moving forward.

    Mr. Frutchey is fully committed to ensuring a smooth transition to new leadership and continuity of all critical operations and programs, according to Mayor Bill Kampe, who announced Mr. Frutchey’s intents. Frutchey himself could not be reached at this time for comment. “The strong department leadership team now in place is key for the transition. The City will find an interim city manager [through networks] and also initiate a search for a permanent manager,” Kampe added.

    A new Community Development director, Mark Brodeur, was recently hired. Recruitment is also now in progress for a new police chief as Chief Vicky Myers, with whom Seaside shared the position of police chief, announced she will go full-time with Seaside only.

    Persons and resources have been identified to ensure continuity of critical projects such as Project Bella, the Local Water Project, and the Local Coastal Plan. The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem plan to expand engagement to be more available to city staff during the transition, said Mayor Bill Kampe.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 14, 2015

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