• Pacific Grove florist is retiring

    An icon of the downtown Pacific Grove business community is closing their doors and retiring.

    Pacific Grove Florist, 217 Forest Ave., in business for some 45 years, was the go-to place for flowers for every landmark in Pacific Grove peoples’ lives: births, deaths, birthdays, dinners, Mother’s Days, proms, and notification of queens and princess of Feast of Lanterns for years and years.

    Friday, Dec. 30 will be their last day or even Saturday, Dec. 31, depending on how sale of fixtures and remaining stock goes.”No drama!” said Eunice Conneau, a 21-year employee. “We’re just retiring.” She said that they’ll take a break and she wants to do something else, probably something involving working with people. She’s not sure what owner Michelle Roberson, who has been in the business since she was 16, more than 30 years ago, plans to do.

    They decided not to sell, choosing to retire instead. They don’t know what their landlord plans to do with the space.

    “We thank the people of Pacific Grove for supporting us through the years,” said Eunice. “It was our pleasure.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 29, 2016

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